Membership Information

We’re delighted you’re interested in The Morro Bay Yacht Club! Our Yacht Club is small and unique. We are known throughout the world as the friendliest and most helpful yacht club on the west coast of the USA. So, if you like to boat and don’t want to wear a blazer, ascot, and white pants all the time — okay, maybe once a year on Opening Day — then come join our friendly group at the Morro Bay Yacht Club.

The Morro Bay Yacht Club welcomes visitors and we want you to get to know us before you consider applying for membership.

We have Happy Hour every Friday evening from 6 p.m. to about 7:30 p.m. (hosted by different members each week) and Hamburger Night every Wednesday throughout the summer.

Of course, the club’s primary purpose is boating. You are welcome to get to know us by joining us in boating activities in your own boat or volunteering to crew on a member’s boat. Bay and ocean sailboat races are twice a month or more, usually on weekend days. In addition, we have fun floats and a variety of activities throughout the year. (The By-Laws require that most of our members are boat owners.)

We are a totally volunteer club, hiring only janitorial services. Applicants for membership must have two sponsors who know them well (for a minimum of 6 months). Also, applicants are asked to participate in at least four activities (e.g., sailboat racing, work day, fun float, bay cruise, summer sailing lessons). Most important, sponsors will assist the applicants in meeting as many members as possible prior to consideration by the board.

Membership in our club is easy and very affordable. Because we are a totally volunteer club, activities and maintenance are done with the volunteer labor of club members. Membership fees include a one-time only initiation fee of $750.00 per family, and annual dues of only $325.00 per year. The annual dues are based upon the calendar year and are prorated depending upon when new members join.

Junior (up to age 21) membership is $60.00 through recommendation by the Junior Advisor and board acceptance.

You are invited to get to know us, our philosophy, our enthusiasm, and our commitment to boating.