Visiting Yachts

Information and Guidelines
for Moorage and Use of the Club

Morro Bay is an all-weather harbor located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Latitude is 35 deg. 21.71’ N and Longitude is 120 deg. 51.27’ W.

Morro Bay Yacht Club offers berthing and services for transient yachts. (We cannot accommodate commercial vessels, however we accept all pleasure vessels comming to us by way of an ocean voyage.) We have six mooring balls and a 150-foot dock for visiting yachts. The dock can accommodate boats up to 75’. No reservations – first come, first served. The length of stay is unlimited. The rates are listed below.

DOCK: Up to 40 Ft. $25
  40 to 50 Ft. $35
  50 to 60 Ft. $45
  Over 60 Ft. $1.25/ft.


MOORINGS: Up to 40 Ft. $20
  40 to 50 Ft. $25

Note: fees subject to change without notice.


The Yacht Club is located in front of channel marker 14.
Vessels at the dock should use two spring lines. The southernmost yellow striped section is not available. The use of the dock is consent to raft which is limited to two vessels without Port Captain approval. Member vessels have priority use of the red-striped section at the south end of the dock. On weekends, the dock may become temporarily unavailable due to use by club racing vessels. During club activities, the dock is closed to non participating boats. You may take a mooring for that time or tie up at the Tidelands Park public dock in front of channel marker 17 for the day.

Visiting yachts may not be left unattended on the dock overnight.

Vessels at the mooring must use double lines. An anchor bend (through the eye twice) is recommended.


Please register at the station located inside the southeast clubhouse door. Access may be gained by contacting the Port Captain, an assistant, or any club member. The telephone number for the Port Captain is on the plaque to the left of the door. Please leave your fee in the slot when you register.


When you register, you will be given a key to enter the club and have use of the showers. A laundry facility is located to the right of the guest entrance. Wireless internet is provided and the password is posted at the registration desk. Power is available on the dock. Water is also available on the dock but we ask that you use it judiciously as California is nearly always in a near drought state.

There is a fuel dock within ½ mile that has regular hours of 8 to 4 and closed for lunch 12-1. It is located at the Shell station just south of the tee pier.


The bar is open on Friday evenings from 6-7:30 pm at which time hors d’oeuvres are served. During the summer, we have Wednesday Night Hamburgers starting at 5:30 pm. Public restaurants are within walking distance.


Shopping, movie theatre, and computer access at the library are also within walking distance. When leaving, please remember to put the remaining amount due in the slot at the registration station and leave your guest key in the mail slot at the end of the hall. We are a small, all-volunteer organization and a popular destination. Please come join us.