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Morro Bay Junior Yacht Club (MBJYC) – 2018


Contact the Junior Advisor,
Chris Surfleet, at mbyc.jrs@gmail.com
or 805-458-6690.

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2018 Calendar


BIG ROCK Regatta
# 5 So. Cal Opti Series
Saturday & Sunday
March 10th & 11th 2018

Hosted by the

Notice of Race
Big Rock 2018 Championship Overall by div – Final
Big Rock 2018 Championship Overall – Final


Welcome to the Morro Bay Junior Yacht Club! The MBJYC is sponsored by the Morro Bay Yacht Club (MBYC) to promote youth sailing and boating and is open to children of members and non-members. Over the years, the Junior Yacht Club has amassed a fleet of approximately ten sailing dinghies, called Optimists and Lasers, in which they train, sail for pleasure, and race. They have their own advisors, who are members of the MBYC.

Membership is open to anyone under the age of 21 with basic sailing experience. Fulfillment of a MBYC Summer Sailing course meets this requirement. A membership application, which is submitted annually to the Junior Advisor, can be found online at www.mbyc.net/junior-yacht-club. Student membership is available to full-time college students aged 21 to 25. Dues are $60 per year to assist with boat maintenance and fuel for the safety boat.

Tips and Guidelines for Junior Members and their families

Gear and Lunch
MBJYC meets one to two times per month on Sundays from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Wear weather appropriate clothes in layers and a life jacket aka Personal Safety Device (PFD), with a whistle attached. Bring hats, sunglasses and sunblock, as needed. Always have a complete change of clothes and a towel. 

Bring a labelled lunch and water bottle to take out on the water as we may raft together with the coach boat to eat.  When you arrive, put your lunch in the cooler. If there are two coolers, place it in the one marked with the type of boat you will sail that day. 

Safety is the highest priority for MBJYC. A safety boat manned with two adults will be used during all sailing activities. It will always have a radio for communication with the Harbor Patrol, Coast Guard, and the yacht club. Sailors must always wear a life jacket and follow all instructions of the Junior Advisor or their designee. Life jackets are required to be worn on the ramp and dock by children under the age of twelve.

Boats and Rigging
Everyone will assist with rigging boats and preparing for sailing. Junior sailors must have their boat rigging checked by an adult prior to sailing. After sailing, everyone helps to bring the boats back to the yard, rinses them clean, removes rigging, and places all gear neatly away.

Parents are Welcome!
Parents are requested to assist with Junior Sailing days as much as possible, regardless of sailing skills. Help is always needed with rigging beforehand and adults can learn alongside their sailor. As the kids become more confident and want to do it themselves, parents can help a younger sailor.

If there is space available on a coach boat, parents are welcome to join the group on the water.  They might be asked to help out and may get wet, so note the tips about gear, including a change of clothes.

Parents may stay and watch from the clubhouse. There is Wifi available for which the Junior Advisor can provide the password. Sodas and water are available for purchase from a MBYC member. Alcoholic beverages are not available at Junior Sailing events.

Bar Rules for Minors
There is a Morro Bay Yacht Club and liquor license rule that no minors are allowed on the tile surrounding the bar. There are sodas and water for sale in the fridge behind the bar, but a yacht club member must retrieve them. You may see members of the club sign a bar tab for drinks (or food at summer hamburger nights), but Junior members who are not MBYC members need to pay cash.

Use of MBJYC Boats
Members of the Junior Yacht Club can use any of the MBJYC boats, but the presence of an adult member of the Morro Bay Yacht Club is required. The adult member must acknowledge the need to maintain awareness of the activity and be willing to provide assistance if or when needed.

The boats are available to check out to use at an out-of-town event, such as a San Luis Yacht Club race at Lopez Lake.  You would check the boat out with the Junior Advisor and have a boat liability form on file. This form states that you are responsible for the boat while it is in your care, and, if it is damaged, you are responsible for making sure it is correctly repaired.


Morro Bay Junior Yacht Club – 2018 Calendar

MBJYC meets one to two times per month on Sundays from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.
Below are the meeting days and events for 2018. Dates are subject to change.



Jan. 7, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Jan. 21, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Feb. 4, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Feb. 18, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Mar. 10-11, 2018

Big Rock Regatta, Optimist Racing at Morro Bay

Mar. 25, 2018

MBJYC Work Day

Apr. 29, 2018

MBJYC sailing

May 6, 2018

MBJYC sailing

May 27, 2018

Laser/Lido Championship, Juniors welcome

May 28, 2018

Jack Johnson Race, Adult and Junior Optimist Racing at Morro Bay

June 10, 2018

MBJYC sailing

June 24, 2018

MBJYC sailing

July 7-8, 2018

High Sierra Regatta at Huntington Lake, Juniors welcome

July 22, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Aug. 5, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Aug. 26, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Sept. 16, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Sept. 30, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Oct. 14, 2018

Chris Lockwood Junior Regatta, MBJYC annual race

Oct. 28, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Nov. 11, 2018

MBJYC sailing

Dec. 9, 2018

Holiday Party 2 pm – 5 pm

Jan. 1, 2019

Juniors Host Hangover Regatta at Morro Bay

Special events/racing in bold italics.

Events for the MBJYC can also be found on the MBYC calendar at www.mbyc.net/calendar.


Morro Bay Youth Sailing Foundation Information
The MBYSF was founded in 2011 by members of the Morro Bay Yacht Club to provide access to sailing and boating activities and instruction to local youth of all backgrounds. Funds are raised to provide boats, sailing equipment, regatta fees, coaching, grants or scholarships to our local programs. The MBYSF may hold fundraising events in conjunction with Junior Yacht Club activities throughout the year. Please consider a tax-deductible donation which will go toward helping the young sailors. For more information, see www.mbysf.org.