The Morro Bay Yacht Club is a private, non-profit organization devoted to boating activities, along with the protection and enjoyment of our picturesque bay and coastline. We participate in both competitive and non- competitive boating activities throughout the year. Anyone at least 21 who owns a boat, is planning to buy a boat, or regularly enjoys boating activities in someone else’s boat is invited to apply for membership. Currently our members’ boats range in size from kayaks to ocean cruisers, and just about everything in between.

Many of our club activities center around sailing with small boat races held inside the bay or at local lakes, and big boat races held in nearby Estero Bay. Of course, we also enjoy an occasional party, picnic, or dinner together. Being a family club, children are always welcome as long as they are well-behaved and under the control of their parents. Some of our former “juniors” have grown up around the club and are now members in their own right. We keep our membership fees affordable by operating as a “co-op” … the members run the club through their own individual efforts. We work together painting, cleaning, repairing docks, and doing anything else that needs fixing.The club was formed in 1956 by a group of local people interested in boating. During the early years, much time was spent helping to organize the Morro Bay Harbor District, planning and installing channel marking buoys, and generally improving boating conditions in the area. Other activities included sailing races, boat parades, and a variety of public service ventures along the waterfront. All of this was done almost a decade prior to Morro Bay attaining cityhood.

In January 1960, a houseboat was acquired for use as a club house. Docked just north of the present-day public launch ramp, it served as “home” for the MBYC until a tidal wave triggered by the 1964 Anchorage, Alaska, earthquake set it adrift and it was demolished.

After an inactive 1964, the club got going again in 1965, and in March of that year rented a house at our current site, 541 Embarcadero. Early in 1966 it was decided the club would purchase the house and requested a transfer of the land lease from the City of Morro Bay. In the following years the club acquired, with the help of the Cal Poly Sailing Club, the two adjoining lease sites which now serve as the rigging and launching area.

Click to see pictures of the club
Click to see pictures of the club
Membership began to grow significantly in the mid- seventies, and plans were drawn for a new facility. The little club house was torn down in September of 1979 and in a few short months the new club house as it stands today was completed, built entirely by the members of the Morro Bay Yacht Club. In 1986, the boat storage yard across the street was leased from a private owner.